ENGLISH – the Stellaris project

The Stellaris Project is a research and conservation project of the largest known nursery of the nursehound shark (Scyliorhinus stellaris) in the Gulf of Naples, Mediterranean sea.

With a team of fantastic volunteer divers we try to minimise the risks of illegal fishing in this critical habitat for sharks. We also study baby sharks as they develop in their egg-cases, tagging and observing them for several monthsm and photo-identificate adults that visit this seamount.

Please help us continue our research and conservation work by casting your vote for the Stellaris Project on the EOCA foundation website. Voting ends on March 15th, 12 GMT.

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Have you seen a mermaid’s purse while diving in the Mediterranean? It is the egg of the nursehound or (less likely) of a small-spotted catshark.  Please, tell us where you saw it –  you will help us draw a map of the areas where the nursehound reproduce, a vital information to protect this shark listed as nearly threatened with extinction. Read our scientific results here.

Your sighting is important, because 42% of the species of sharks and rays in the Mediterranean are at risk of extinction, and the nursehound is one of them.

This project is run by Eleonora de Sabata for MedSharks, with the generous support of the Save Our Seas Foundation  (here the project’s page) and A.DI.SUB.  

PS – Pls don’t touch the egg. There’s a shark in there, and IT BITES!!! Of course Im joking – but the embryo is delicate and handling might hurt it